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Quality Pest Control For Your Lee County Home

Maintaining a house is a lot of work, but having a safe, comfortable place to call home is worth the time and expense. Unfortunately, in Lee County and the surrounding areas, pests are a constant threat to homeowners. They often come indoors to escape the heat of summer or a rainy season, then decide to stay.

The problem with having pests in your house is that they are not good house guests. All of them can contaminate your food, some of them will destroy your property, including your home itself, and others spread illnesses that can be serious or even deadly. Protecting your house from pests also protects your family, and it can be done with the help of A Bug's Life Pest Management Inc.

General Home Pest Control From A Bug's Life Pest Management Inc.

To provide you with the services you need to rid your home of its pest problems, we need to understand what those problems are. We'll meet with you to discuss what you've been seeing and experiencing before performing an inspection of the interior and exterior of your house. Once we finish, we'll meet with you again to discuss our findings and our recommended treatment plan.

If you'd like, we can begin right away or schedule your initial treatment for a later date. Your first treatment is very thorough and includes interior and exterior treatments tailored to your home's specific pest control needs. Inside, we'll:

  • Remove all outlet covers in the kitchen and bathrooms and place the product inside of them.
  • Pull out appliances and apply the product behind them.
  • Treat the interior thresholds.
  • Treat the attic.
  • Treat the garage.
  • And more.

On the exterior of your house, we use liquid, bait, and granular products to protect your home from pests from the outside in. We'll also sweep the eaves and lanai of spider webs and remove stinging insect nests.

Follow-up services keep your home free of pests in the long term. You'll receive notice three days before a follow-up visit and can let us know at that time if you want an interior treatment performed along with the standard exterior treatment. Each follow-up service includes an inspection and a treatment to ensure we provide your home with the pest control it needs.


Talking with you about your pest problems and conducting a thorough inspection of your home allows us to develop a pest control plan customized to your specific pest control needs.


We apply an initial treatment to the interior and exterior of your house to knock out active pests and prevent new infestations. We take the time necessary to treat your home thoroughly.


Regular follow-up visits maintain pest protection around your house. An inspection and exterior treatment are standard. Interior treatments are available upon request.

Additional Services From A Bug's Life Pest Management Inc.

In addition to our general home pest control services, we offer several other treatment options. 

Millipede Service

Our millipede service includes the application of a product to your yard during certain times of the year. We apply this liquid application to the foundation wall and out 20 feet. This treatment will deter adult millipedes from getting inside the home. Each application we do controls 75-80% of the active millipedes at that time. We will apply this every six weeks when millipedes are active, usually between mid-May to mid-September during the rainy season. 

Radon & Air Quality Inspections

Radon is an odorless and colorless gas created through soil buildup. It is the #1 cause of lung cancer in the U.S. and can be present in homes. We use a device to test the atmosphere on the inside of your house for 48 hours. We will then report the numbers back to you. If the number is higher than 4.1, we will direct you to a company to treat for this. These inspections are typically done when buying a home but are available to all homeowners.

We also do air quality inspections. We'll swab the air in the home and send the swab off for mold testing. We will give you the report once it is complete and recommend companies that can fix the problem if necessary.

Termite Control

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Rodent Control

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Mosquito Control

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It's Your Home, Not Theirs

Pests are good at moving into a space and making themselves at home there. Although it may be comfortable for them, it's anything but convenient for you. Protecting your house from pests takes the professional, high-quality, guaranteed services of A Bug's Life Pest Management Inc. We customize our service to meet each individual's needs, and we always treat you the way we would want to be treated. Contact us today to request your customized inspection.

Learn how our team can successfully eliminate pests from your Lee County business.

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