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The Struggle With White-Footed Ants In Lee County

October 15, 2022 - Ants

White-footed ants in Lee County are prolific, and professional ant control is often necessary to keep this pest at bay. Our tips on white-footed ant control from Lee County pest control professionals can help you understand what it takes to defeat this nuisance insect.

How Can I Tell If This Ant Is A White-Footed Ant?

White-footed ants have a distinctive appearance from other species of ants found in Lee County. These insects have black to brown body colors and legs with white or light-yellow tarsi on them; they refer to these tarsi as the ant’s feet. White-footed ants grow to about one-eighth of an inch long, and you typically spot them in large numbers. Colonies of this ant can rise to the thousands, making it incredibly difficult to entirely remove this pest from your property without professional ant control in Lee County.

What Are The Differences Between White-Footed Ants and Other Ants?

It can be difficult for many individuals to tell the difference between white-footed ants and other types of ants that are invading your property. Still, some factors can separate this ant from other ant species: 

  • White-footed ants bear distinctive white feet that you can identify by closely looking at the ants invading your property.
  • Unlike other ants, white-footed ants don’t bring food back to their nests. Instead, workers lay trophic eggs to feed the ants back at the colony.
  • White-footed ants don’t bite or sting humans, nor will they cause significant damage to your property, unlike other certain ant species.
  • White-footed ants will invade your property in huge numbers, and their colonies will often grow to hold hundreds of thousands of individual ants.

If you have more questions about white-footed ants versus other ant species in Lee County, contact our experts at A Bug's Life Pest Management for further information.

Why Are Home Remedies For Killing White-Footed Ants Ineffective?

Home remedies are often less than effective ant control when it comes to white-footed ants due to the sheer size that colonies of this pest can reach and their quick reproductive times. It’s easy to spend a lot of time and money finding a home remedy or DIY product that works for your home, only to have it be less than effective in eradicating the source of your infestation. Removing the source of white-footed ants on your property is essential, or you will suffer from ongoing infestation issues.

How Can I Get Rid Of A White-Footed Ant Infestation For Good?

Getting rid of a white-footed ant infestation in Lee County is no easy feat, but A Bug's Life Pest Management is here to help you. Our team will take steps to evaluate your most significant ant problem areas and tailor ant control solutions based on your property’s exact needs. Plus, we offer you ant prevention tips such as sealing cracks and around windows and doors, using sturdy window and door screens, keeping outdoor areas free of long grasses, debris, and woodpiles, and refraining from leaving out food and trash. You will then reduce the chances of a white-footed ant infestation starting in the first place.

If you suspect white-footed ants are invading your property and need help removing an active infestation of this pest, don’t hesitate to reach out to A Bug's Life Pest Management today. We will remove all white-footed ants from your property and protect you from future invasion problems from this pest.

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