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The Problems Fire Ants Bring To Your Lee County, FL Property

February 01, 2021 - Ants

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fire ants? For us, it is the spot of the yard that no one goes. No one knows where they came from, but they know that they are likely to be attacked if they try to cross that section of lawn. If you have a spot like this on your property or have seen it before, you are in the right place today. Here are the problems fire ants bring to Lee County properties and everything you need to fight back against these pests.

What Makes Fire Ants Unique?

Fire ants are among the few species of ants in our area with more than one queen per colony, making their nests much more difficult to eliminate as any act of aggression results in queens splitting and making satellite colonies nearby. Even more surprising than this is how big colonies grow; some have over 250,000 active members.

Another thing that makes fire ants unique is that they don’t just bite but also sting. That’s right, these pests hurt from both ends. Interestingly, they are more likely to sting than bite as their venom packs a much heavier punch than a pinch from their front mandibles can produce.

How To Identify Fire Ants

The best way to identify fire ants is by their dark reddish-brown one-eighth to three-eighths of an inch-long body and dark colored abdomen. Another thing that makes these pests stand out is their nests. The average fire ant hill lacks a central hole but instead has several entry points that surround its base and are harder to see.

The Danger Of Fire Ants

A fire ant causes the majority of pain to humans with its venom-filled stinger. One thing that makes fire ant stings so painful is the fact that there is rarely just one. When these pests attack, they attack together, leaving multiple welts on the skin. These welts hurt with a mild to moderate searing pain at first, are hot for several minutes after, and itch for days and sometimes weeks. If you are allergic to insect venom, a sting from a fire ant may result in much worse symptoms, including anaphylactic shock. Talk to your doctor if you do not know your risk.

The Destruction Fire Ants Cause

Fire ants are drawn to warm, dry areas. They also spread these conditions to areas they infest. If these pests construct nests around your lawn, you may begin to notice dead spots of grass and dying plant growth in these areas. In addition to killing landscaping, fire ants also regularly invade outdoor electronics such as generators and A/C units, causing short circuits and damaging internal parts.

Five Prevention Tips For Fire Ants

1. Fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation using caulk.

2. Keep your grass and landscaping well-trimmed.

3. Rake up debris and organic litter around your home’s perimeter.

4. Clean up fruit, berries, and other sugary foods that drop into your yard.

5. Hire a pest control professional.

In order to ensure fire ants stay off your Lee County property, your best prevention option is to hire the experts at A Bug’s Life Pest Management. Protect your family and friends from these invasive and painful insects with one of our detailed pest control options. We will ensure your property gets the care it deserves leaving fire ants with no other choice than to find somewhere else to call home. Contact us now to find your fastest route to a pest-free property and learn why we are your best option for high-quality pest control.

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