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How To Deal With Fire Ants On Your Lee County, FL Property

February 14, 2022 - Ants

Have you ever done the fire ant dance? It's likely a little jerky, and it usually involves a bit of hooting and hollering. It is also involuntary and caused by jolting and burning pain, typically around the feet or ankles. If you have never done this dance, don't worry, it isn't that fun, and it is better when avoided. To help you avoid this uncomfortable jig around your Lee County property, here is what you need to know about fire ants and how to keep them away.

Fire Ants Earned Their Incindiary Name

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name "fire ant?" Do you picture a pest that randomly catches ablaze and lights things on fire? Thankfully, this is not the case. Fire ants are aptly named for the nature of the pain they cause and not because they start fires. If you didn't know, fire ants don't just bite; they bite and sting. When defending themselves or their colony from attack, these pests will lash out and cause as much harm as possible. This usually starts with the sensation of bugs crawling on your skin, followed by a quick, sharp pinching sensation and finishing with a low, hot buzz of pain in the affected area that lasts for up to ten minutes and itching that can remain for several weeks.

Where Fire Ants Build Their Nests

The one upside to fire ants is that they rarely nest indoors, especially in more southern climates like here in Lee. You are more likely to find fire ant nests around your yard. Specifically, these pests build in hot, dry areas, usually where grass has withered and died due to direct sun exposure. One way to identify if an ant mound belongs to fire ants is to look for a central hole where ants can crawl in and out. Where other species build their nests like a volcano with a hole at the top, fire ants build their entrance tunnels around the base of their hills in harder-to-identify areas.

Why Are Fire Ants So Hard To Eliminate?

Fire ants are one of the more difficult species of ants to eliminate without pest control help. The biggest reason for this is that their colonies have more than just one queen. The best way to eliminate a colony of ants is to take out the queen. This is made more difficult with fire ants as it is harder to kill several dozen queens than it is to get just one. In addition to this, fire ants have built-in survival mechanisms that cause colonies to split when in danger. This means even if you feel confident that all ants are dead where you first found them, more nests will pop up in the surrounding area within a few days, making your problem several times worse in the long run.

Professional Fire Ant Control With A Bugs Life Pest Management Inc.

Fire ants are the type of pest that requires professional help. If you cannot walk around your property without doing the fire ant dance and are starting to avoid your outdoor living areas altogether, consider hiring the professionals at A Bugs Life Pest Management Inc. We have the industrial-grade products and treatments needed to eliminate fire ant colonies in their entirety. We also offer a range of solutions to get ants out of homes. Whatever pest problems you are facing, we have your answers here.

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