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Are The Millipedes In Lee County, FL Dangerous?

May 15, 2021 - Home Pest Control

Millipedes are classified as diplopods that somewhat resemble worms, with multiple body segments that are each equipped with sets of legs. In outdoor areas, they are often found below rocks, in flowerpots, or other places that offer them decaying vegetation to eat and a sufficient water supply. Millipedes will commonly enter the interior of homes, businesses, and other structures through small gaps or openings near the foundation. The female millipede is able to lay dozens or hundreds of eggs, which will hatch after several weeks and soon transition to adulthood. When a millipede senses any potential danger, they often coil up into a ball and release unpleasant smelling liquids.

The Danger Posed By Millipedes 

Unlike centipedes, millipedes are not classified as venomous. Millipedes also are incapable of biting or stinging people. Data from the University of Florida Health explains that millipedes can generate several toxins that will deter predators. 
Some of the larger types of millipedes can emit secretions that create allergic reactions among those within a couple of foot radius, and often cause mild skin irritation. The toxins generated may include hydrochloric acid, hydrogen cyanide, benzoquinones, and others. 

Tips For Property Owners Seeking To Prevent Millipedes 

  • Property owners should take the time to closely examine the exterior of the structure near the foundation to detect cracks or other openings, and fill them with a weather-resistant caulk or another sealant. 
  • Make a comprehensive effort to reduce excessive moisture by addressing areas on the premises with pools of water or drainage problems, and keeping gutters and downspouts clear.
  • Remove any fallen and rotting trees, branches, leaves, and other debris from the exterior areas that millipedes like to eat.
  • Prevent water and dampness in subfloors, garages, and crawl spaces by repairing leaks and increasing the flow of ventilation to reduce humidity.
  • Limit the usage of mulch on the property, and avoid excessively watering lawn and garden areas.

Responding To Pest Intrusions 

Many property owners today often choose to try mythical home remedies, or store-bought pest treatment solutions, that claim to be simple and easy for “do-it-yourselfers.” In many cases, these mass-marketed products generate mediocre results, and only a short-term benefit that simply creates further frustration. Some of these options also might contain harsh chemical agents that pose some risk to human health. 
Contacting an experienced pest extermination company is the best course of action when experiencing pest-related concerns. They will perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection of the premises to determine the nature and the extent of the problem, recommend the best treatment options, and identify ways of preventing further pest invasions. 

Established Pest Control Company in Lee County

For more than 30 years now, both residential and commercial customers in the Lee County region have relied on our team of trained professionals with A Bug’s Life Pest Management Inc. to deliver excellent results. Our state-licensed and certified technicians maintain a commitment to providing high-quality home pest control services that effectively and efficiently eliminate mosquitoes, termites, rodents, and a host of other bothersome and potentially dangerous pests. Many of the best practices we adhere to are in accordance with the latest guidelines of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), and other leaders in the industry. 
Our organization recognizes the importance of protecting both our customers and the local environment by using many “green” products and treatment methods that are endorsed by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), and other eco-conscious organizations. We now offer same-day and emergency pest control services for those with immediate concerns, and have achieved an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Contact our office today for a comprehensive on-site assessment and estimate.

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